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,Park Seo Jun KUALA LUMPUR: The premium brand and consumer choice for home appliances, SK magic has named South Korean rising star Park Seo Jun (pic) as the brand ambassador for 2021. SK magic would be tapping on the star’s influence to represent the brand’s mission in 2021 – delivering happiness to the daily lives of all Malaysians, and cater to their needs in this new normal. With the ongoing battle against Covid-19, and the recent announcement of another lockdown in Malaysia, it is no doubt that consumers’ demands and spending behaviours have changed. SK magic also would be introducing new slogan Goodbye Old, Hello Magic which represents company’s commitment to becoming a greater home appliances companion than before. Kim Kyung Won, managing director of SK magic Malaysia said: “We take pride in anticipating and satisfying the needs of our customers, we understand that health and safety remain as a priority for all Malaysians. “And here is where we see an opportunity to inspire Malaysians to invest in having better quality air and drinking water at home. “Which is why as the premium brand and consumer choice for home appliances in Malaysia, we are excited to bring in water purifiers and air purifiers of the most advanced in technology and innovation from South Korea. “We are also excited to be working with Park to inspire Malaysians to live a quality lifestyle.” It is no secret that he possesses a chari *** atic charm to win the hearts of many. Besides his appealing nature, Park was also selected as SK magic’s brand ambassador due to his belief that happiness should be in the centre stage of everyone’s life. In addition, throughout his career in the entertainment industry, he has demonstrated the value of continuously seeking improvements to his work. With both combined, everything that Park represents perfectly aligns with SK magic’s 2021 vision in delivering happiness to the daily lives of its consumers. “As an artiste, it goes without saying that I hold quality at a very high regard. “This applies to both my work and the brands I choose to work with. “I am excited to be representing a brand from my home country on an international scale. “I look forward to sharing SK magic’s mission in bringing happiness to the daily lives of all Malaysians through experiencing the latest technological advances from the brand’s product line, ” he said.
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